Passionate. Achieves. Inspires. Motivates.

Nicholas is a Father and Dad, Husband, and a Friend.

He has developed his career around Information and Communication Technology making a mark through Solutions Sales, Business Development, Account Relationship Management, Pre-Sales, Project Management and Marketing.

He loves and enjoys life.

He likes reading and writing, networking, meeting people and making friends, discussing topical issues, listening to good music, traveling, the Internet and generally working with computers,  movies, a drink out, watching football, rugby and playing indoor sports. He likes adventure and nature watching. He loves sharing knowledge and experiences.  He loves charity. He loves well prepared food – my wife and I make the best cooks I have known.

Talk to me.


+256 77 621 0975; +971 52 733 9206

Skype: nick-d-k

Facebook: Nicholas Ddumba Katumba

LinkedIn: Nicholas Ddumba Katumba

Twitter: NDKatumba


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Nick, i like your blog and the ICT issues you write about. I think we share that passion plus also that we both are finding it hard to keep writing on our individual blogs 🙂

    Nice blog you have, keep it up & write. Best regards, john

  2. Thanks John! Actually I have been having tight schedules to post anything lately. I have now come out of the rat race and I think I will have more time to keep it up-to-date. I checked out your blog too, and it’s nice.

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