My Journey To Salvation

“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, before you were born, I set you apart…” Jeremiah 1:5

My Early Years
I was born in 1975 in Mulago Hospital, Kampala, Uganda to Mr. Joseph Katumba and Ms. Harriet Sajjabi. When you trace back the calendar, that day was a Sunday. All my early life, I was brought up as a very staunch catholic and at one time I thought about becoming a catholic priest. The person responsible for a greater part of my upbringing is my paternal grandmother, Ms. Pauline Namutebi, who is a very staunch catholic.

I went through all those required catholic “holy” communion ceremonies like sharing in the body and blood of Jesus Christ (Kalimwezi), catechism and confirmation (Omujiji). I used to be so participative in the church activities including taking readings in services. I participated in the Bible reading competition, where I emerged the best and the prize then was a Luganda Bible, my very first Bible. Much of this time I was in Primary School at Kyamaganda Boys Demonstration School in Masaka, now Lwengo District.

Questions Begin
In the year 1989 is when I underwent the Omujiji training. I was then 14 years and in Primary six. This training took the whole year of 1989 and confirmation (graduation) for me was supposed to happen in December of that same year, but it never did. Below is the reason why:

In the catholic religion it was mandatory for everyone to attend minimum of 40 (forty) Omujiji training sessions. I had attended only 38. I used to be such a sickly child that I missed some of those training sessions. However, when time for testing us came, the results showed that I emerged top of all the other trainees, numbering about 200 in total, with a score of 84%. But the head nun who was in charge of the training and the head priest of Kyamaganda parish (Pele Kamya was his name) decided that I would not graduate together with some other trainees, unless we went back for two more months for training to compensate for those days that we had missed. I refused. At that age, I reasoned with them saying that they were training me to know and understand things religious and the examinations they gave us showed that I had understood, so they should graduate me. They refused, and I decided to give it a break.

In 1993, I was then living with my mother, together with my maternal grandmother in Busega; that is when I was introduced to the Pentecostal movement. Granny used to pray from Elim church in Mengo, so she invited a pastor who preached to us, together with my young brother Alexander Yawe and we accepted Jesus for the first time. So we started going for prayer fellowships at Elim church with Granny. Later we backslid and went back to the catholic religious practices.

In 1995, when I was 20 years and in High School, my step-mum arranged for my confirmation (Omujiji Graduation), which I had missed 7 years earlier. I received this at St. Jude’s shrine in Naguru, Kampala. Once again I became very active in the catholic religious practices.

But in that very year of 1995, more questions came to my mind. I always read my bible, considering the fact that I took Christian Religious Education (CRE) as one of the subjects at High School and I was able to understand what the Bible says about Christian conduct. These questions were provoked by the attitudes, behaviors and conduct of people I considered as very religious. Some of these actually led to my being chased away from home because I was not in good terms with my step-mum. I was not really stubborn, but I always questioned and I still do question certain decisions by people which I don’t find with merit – I sometimes challenge the status quo. There was also a certain neighbor whom we regarded as an uncle and very long time family friend; this gentleman was so religious to the extent that he had been chosen as the head of the laity (Sabakiristu) for Kigoowa Parish Church and he indeed did a lot of work for that church. This gentleman never wanted us to share even textbooks with his children! He is in fact the one who advised my father to chase me away from home. So I used to ask myself about what the Bible says, and I always found out that it said contrary to how these people were behaving and conducting themselves. However I was still bent on remaining a catholic.

But when I joined university, in a way I felt that God wanted me to go through such and understand all these things and later be able to fight for what is really true Christianity as He meant it when He sent His only Son to the world to be sacrificed on the cross. So at university, I came back closer to the born-again faith. I would attend prayer fellowships and get involved in a number of other Christian activities. But again I started realizing something not right about the born-again Christians (Balokole). The whole thing had turned out to be a business for most of the “pastors”. I felt that what they were doing was not right. They were just manipulating people. But at the same time I did not want to go back to catholicism due to the misgivings I already had about them. I decided to join the Anglican (Church of Uganda) for the rest of my university days. I started praying at St. Luke’s Church in Ntinda, where I got introduced to Bible Study.

All this time, I read my Bible intensely and always prayed to God to show me the truth; to make me understand the truth. But again slowly by slowly I started sliding back to catholicism, although I was not very keen this time. For the questions had become so many about the catholic religious practices like the rosary, worshiping of idols and praying through saints, yet the Bible says to the contrary.

On 14th November 2008, as I was coming from attending a company end of year party for Uganda Telecom, I met a young lady. We chatted that evening, we exchanged pleasantries and contacts. I was later to find out that she was a pastor’s daughter. We started dating and later she agreed to become my wife when I asked her. This lady is Nicole Justine Nabwami, a daughter to ‘Bishop” David Tomusange of Fountain of Life Church in Najjanankumbi.

When we got married, she persuaded me to receive total salvation but I always told her that there is no way I could change my religion which I have practiced for the last more than 30 years. I obviously didn’t know what I was talking about. I did not understand God’s power to transform people. She always invited pastors at home to fellowship with the family and I had no problem about it. For I still believed that the Gospel in the Bible is supreme and I also knew, because I had read the history of the church, that catholicism was at one time a congregation based on the true Bible message, but it was adulterated by self-seeking Romans who introduced their idolatry into the church.

But one night I had a terrifying dream in which I saw snakes attacking us together with my children. I woke up and shouted that, “where are these coming from?” My wife heard and asked me what I had dreamt. I told her and we prayed that night for three hours. We agreed that in the next morning I should go for deliverance at Mutundwe Christian Fellowship. That day was March 14, 2011 when I chose and decided to give my entire life to Jesus. Since then, it has not been the same and in some instances it has not been smooth for me especially with my family members – father, step-mum, auties, brothers – and friends, who according to them, I have been foolish by changing my religion, saying that how can I allow a woman to change me. Of course they say all these without knowledge and understand that it is not people who changed me or saved me, it is God Himself who poured His grace on me that I can understand His ways. Some of these people decide to cut off ties with me. My father at one time called me and told me that I had to return to the catholic religion or I risk being chased from the family and I ordinarily just told him that it was okay for him to do what he felt right in his mind.

There is one thing that I have noticed. Since 14th March 2011, my desire to know the truth and practice it has reached boiling point. This desire with the determination I have led me to a number of churches where I felt that what is preached there is not the entire gospel truth. I sought God to fill me with the Holy Spirit to guide me to a church where the real gospel truth is preached. He answered me and that answer was Gospel Power Center Kira.

There is one other thing you have to know. When you desire the truth and you are determined to find it, when it presents itself, you instantly realize it that it is the truth. That is what happened to me. As I continue in this salvation journey, I pray that the God’s grace keeps with me that He uses me to bring His truth to many more people who are being misled by religious sects and self-seeking pastors.

In another story I will tell you about the untruthfulness in today’s pastors and show you how they are manipulating people for their own personal gains and in a very unfortunate way leading them to hell.
I will also show you in another story that Christianity is not about religious practices but a relationship which everyone shares with God. Religion is a set of principles, rules, customs and practices devised by people to find God, but salvation is God’s plan to bring us back to Himself. So think about what is better for you. Your own endeavors or God’s plan for you.


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  1. Mr.Ddumba Katumba you are a blessed person,what you received in your life is Christ the son of God,and He is all in all so never regrate thank you for doing so.

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