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Talking about the East African Community/Integration:

Almost all life begins at the stage of dependence, then moves to independence. It’s only when life becomes independent that it can decide to either remain as such or get onto the next level of interdependence. Interdependence cannot be successful where true effective independence is not realized.

Therefore, for the proponents of the EAC integration (interdependence), you are busy discouraging the independence of indigenous communities and very busy breaking them up, thinking that you can just jump to the highest point without going step by step or stage by stage. In all these East African countries, there are indigenous communities that are seeking a sense of belonging and independence first, before they will fully and effectively embrace the idea of EAC.

For as long as you politicians continue to try to kill off these ethnic grouping instead of trying to make them stronger and preaching co-exisitance first, I say to you that the EAC dream will never be achieved in it’s true sense. You are thinking that killing off the cultural structures will fast track the EAC? You are completely wrong. Cultural beliefs at most are inborn and you cannot alter that very easily.

I suggest you first let the Banyankore be. Let the Baganda be. Let the Banyoro be. Let the Tutsi be. Let the Achole be, Let the Basoga be. Let the Kikuyu be. Let the Kamba be. Let the Chaga be and all the other tribes. Political cohesion will have to begin from within these tribes, just like they say that charity begins at home. We have to emphasize the importance of our ethnicity and cultural richness and once we have understood that importance, that the only way we shall be able to take them to the next level of intercultural cooperations and then regional cooperations…not the other way round.

We all know that in Uganda Mr. Museveni has tried very much to divide and rule, divide along ethnic lines and within the same tribes…creating chiefdoms that historically never existed before within the same tribe and at the same time he is busy preaching EAC integration…unless he is an acrobat, that way of thinking and doing things is untenable. He cannot achieve whatever it is that he wants to achieve.

Until I get to that point of feeling that I am an empowered Muganda. I can be able to decide my destiny without any restrictions, and until I get to that feeling that I am an empowered Ugandan and I can be able to define my destiny politically, economically, socially, that’s the only way I can start to feel that the EAC dream can work for my good, the good of my people, the good of my country Uganda and the entire good of the EAC populace.