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I have just seen a post from one of my friends about Ugandans living/working in the diaspora. Some of the people commenting on that post have raised issues like people have slavery mentality, they are into prostitution, thuggery and all sorts of things.

But is it really just about that? In earlier centuries, maybe 1700 or 1800, for I am not a good historian, Arabs and Europeans left their countries to come to Africa. Question is, did they come as slaves? I do not think so. Even today these people still do come, apparently as expats. Why don’t we then also see Africans going to developed countries as having gone for economic reasons, learning opportunities, etc? Is it a question of perception? Maybe.

I think and feel what is failing us is our limited imaginations and ambitions. We have kept them so low. I will give you an example. Most of our people who live and work in the diaspora, when they come back home they only think about building two-roomed rented houses, a small fashion shop somewhere on Luwum Street, a restaurant and bar in Kabalagala and a three bed-roomed house for themselves. I have seen sky scrapers here seriously businesses here and housing estates. I think we should raise our ambitions and imaginations to levels of owning a 50 storeys building somewhere in Uganda, beach front mega houses, etc…. These things are possible when we put our minds to them.

Our politicians themselves are not helping. these guys spend lots of tax payers’ money traveling to these destinations but they never copy anything to replicate it at home! The government policy on dual citizenship is still another block! I am still wondering why a Ugandan returning home should pay visa fees!

So the mentality that Africans go to these countries as slaves, prostitutes should change to economic reasoning. Remember it all starts in the mind. Let us first change that mindset and the rest will fall in place.

Secondly, we should widen and raise our imagination and ambitions from the rented two-roomed houses to towers and malls and mega structures.